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Top Ten Business Ideas Small Business Ideas For Beginners who Never Thought they could Learn How to Start a Business The Discovery of these top ten businesses will excite you.

Discover innovative, high-profit small business ideas that are great for novices yet refreshing for current small business owners.

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Best of all, you will find obvious, over-looked small business ideas that meets the most minuscule budget and dismal experience. However, when asked "how to start a business" there's never an easy answer but without doubt being your own boss can be a stress buster.

Finding the right one of the top ten business ideas could be the answer to your dwindling retirement funds. View our top ten amazingly simple ideas for starting a business today.

No doubt the biggest concern of starting a business is the cost. Which is the number #1 reason for business failure according to the Small Business Administration.(

With 20 percent of small business starting in the home, these top ten business ideas are perfect for those on a shoe string budget.

Finding the most suitable top ten business idea for you 

 could mean eliminating long exhausting commutes......carelessly speeding to your daycare provider to avoid the notorious late charges...and the honey due list..that's still due

Our top ten business small business ideas picks are in no specific order, based on our research of the many sites that we visited, these are some of the ideas that consistently come up.

As you read the top ten business would you feel if your commute was from one bedroom to the next.. cooking around your schedule or even hiring your own personal caterer.

This small business ideas are excellent for both genders.

After discovering these top ten business ideas your dreams of starting a business can become your reality ...Remember everything that exists now started with an idea first!

Here is our top ten business list:

1. Personal caterer

With both parents working and children activities, this is a timely small business's at the top of our top ten business list.. a needed service~

2. E- Book Publisher

. For the computer savvy, this is a growing market. The internet marketers would welcome the help.

3. Personal Coaches

We all know at least one Personal Coach "Dr. Phil", ...if a sports (Phil Jackson) coach can improve your athletic performance.. than a financial coach(Robert Kiyosaki) should be able to do like wise..very profitable small business idea.

Home Debt Collection

Here's a thriving lucrative business. Our country's debt is the worst in history... over 6000 + offices can't handle the dead debt... this will be a top ten business small business idea for years to come...weigh your tolerance level if starting a business in debt collection should be your long term game plan

5. Direct Selling

Swal-low... breathe.. men listen... your prayers have been answered...85% of the direct selling market distributors are women...over 60% are college graduates...worldwide sales over 100 billion... and most companies offers residual income.....what more can one ask for... Is starting a business a priority NOW!...what do you think now about our top ten business ideas?

6. Garage Organizers

Who in their right mind wants to clean their own garage.

garage organizer... a super solution...Starting a business to specifically de-clutter garages is a superb idea

7. Children Art Education.

Someone had to explain this one to me but it makes total sense.... the abridged version...our school art budgets have been extracted from our public school systems and children are loosing their creative ability...Children are our future. They definitely need to know the importance of starting a business especially their own...

8. Background check

With our global society security measures are compromised background checks are critical and in demand...check with your local agencies the laws are different for home agencies...I understand how starting a business in security made the top ten business list

9 e.Bay Resealer market

over 500,000 businesses use E-Bay...many internet marketers employ this strategy..great small business idea when starting a business online

***For additional home business ideas visit our website business ideas for a 9-minute video from one of the international leading experts in the home business industries.

10. Pet Sitting!

What's more adorable then taking care of the one family member that loves you unconditionally.

Your dog is always happy and enthusiastic, certainly you want to participate in the $34 Billion Dollar

Bonanza.....starting a business allowing you to do what you love and get paid for it.

We hope our top ten business list encourages you in starting a business soon.

By Deborah Pretty  

What Does the TV Celebrity say about us?

A Lesson from the Stars  If you found this top ten business list helpful be sure to let us know!About the Author Top Ten Business Small Business Ideas for Those that Want to Quit Work Someday by Deborah Pretty in Business / MLM (submitted 2009-03-06)

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Best Small Business ideas

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Massive Growth: How Will You Handle It? Part 1

For the owner of a small business, experiencing explosive growth can be exciting. It can be the beginning of a new era for the business, and it can solidify the company’s existence in the sometimes brutal world of commerce.

In the same breath of excitement, though, massive growth can provide new challenges as entrepreneurs strive to keep up with it. This article details how three very different types of women entrepreneurs may respond to massive growth – and how their reactions may affect their businesses.

Are you prepared for explosive growth? What will you do when it happens?

Does every entrepreneur seek growth opportunities? Growth can mean more customers, more income, or more opportunities to explore new ideas. Although exciting, growth also brings its challenges, and can spiral out of control if it's not handled properly, causing a setback as big as the potential expansion

. Our research shows that the five types of female entrepreneurs have very different attitudes toward business growth (some want it, some don't!) and each will respond to growth opportunities differently. This article will examine the attitudes and reactions of Jane Dough, Merry Jane, and Go Jane Go.

Jane Dough is an entrepreneur who enjoys running her business and makes good money. She is comfortable and determined in buying and selling, which may be why she’s five times more likely than the average female business owner to hit the million dollar mark. Jane Dough is clear in her priorities and may be intentionally and actively growing an asset-based or legacy business. It is estimated that 18% of women fall in the category of Jane Dough.

Because Jane Dough is business-minded and pragmatic, she probably has a plan in place for handling growth. In fact, business growth is something she’s striving for, with most Jane Doughs saying they want to grow significantly within the next couple of years.

As a result, she has no doubt delegated individual tasks to specific team members, putting her team and her business in an ideal position to take advantage of the appropriate opportunities that come her way. She has a system – and it’s in place and ready to roll.

Although Jane Dough's systematic approach is one of her many strengths, there is a flip side to high levels of delegation. Sometimes Jane Dough relies too much on the system. She moves quickly to fuel her business growth, so she may not always be in touch with what's happening within every functional area.

When large opportunities come knocking while Jane Dough is distracted, weaker parts of the system can break down. 
The solution: When massive growth arrives - and it will - a Jane Dough entrepreneur should gather her team for a quick check-in, making sure everyone and every system is aligned and ready to do its part in creating success.

In doing so, she'll make sure resources are allocated appropriately and can create plans to strengthen any weak spot

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  A Merry Jane tends to be “building a business on the side”—in addition to a day-job, or a focus on family or other pursuits. She doesn’t have a high personal income from her business, but she also tends to be working less than 40 hours a week, and she loves the freedom her business affords her.

Because Merry Jane's focus is more on time freedom than on "big money," major growth opportunities can be a daunting proposition. While many women in this group dream of a day when they land the mega-customer, Merry Jane does not. Although many know they are capable of building a much larger business, now is not the time. During interviews, when asked what they would do if faced with the chance to take on a big new account, most quickly came to the conclusion that unless they could manage the account in their own way and time, they would let the opportunity pass them buy rather than disrupt their lives.

However, many Merry Janes admit they would like their business to be more profitable, wanting more money without much additional work. Therefore, when faced with a growth opportunity, Merry Jane can consider several options:
* She can hire someone to take over some of the more mundane, day-to-day business chores, like bookkeeping and responding to customer e-mails, freeing more of her time to pursue the new business without taking up more time?
* She can pursue the new opportunity at higher rates, therefore increasing her profit. This may mean letting go of less profitable customers or delegating their care to someone else.
* Or, she can stand firm, turning the immediate opportunity down, knowing that at some point in the future, she may have more time available for new customers.

Whatever she decides, Merry Jane should stay true to the reasons she loves her business now so that she doesn't add undue stress and time-pressure to her already busy life.

Go Jane Go is passionate about her work, and has no problem marketing and selling herself, so she has plenty of clients—but she’s struggling to keep up with demand. She may be a classic overachiever, taking on volunteer opportunities as well, because she’s eager to make an impact on the world and may really struggle saying “no”.  Because she wants to “say yes” to so many people, she may even be in denial about how many hours she actually works during the course of a week. As a result, she may be running herself ragged and feeling guilty about neglecting herself and possibly others who are important to her.

Overall, most Go Jane Go women don't seek out growth opportunities because they are already fairly busy. However, when an opportunity crosses their path, they will feel compelled to "make it work somehow." Go Jane Go truly wants to help those who need her products or services, so it is difficult for her to turn them away. And because she's excellent at multi-tasking, this Jane may underestimate the time that will be required or may justify sacrificing personal time in order to help someone else.

13 influential women designers you need to know


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  Looking For Free Information To Start eBay Business?

Before I started on eBay, I was afraid to do anything.  Basically, I was too scared to list an auction because I didn't really understand the workings of eBay.  In this lesson, I want to give you a few suggestions to get started on eBay. 

1.  Buy Something on eBay - You read that right!  I am telling you to buy some items on eBay. It doesn't have to be expensive, just find something you want or need and put a bid on it. This will do several things for you.  Most importantly, it will introduce you to the eBay system.  You will see how eBay takes bids, how money is collected, how feedback is given and much more.  As you go through this process, you will see eBay, up close & personal.

Not only will you learn the system, you will also see eBay from your future customers' perspective.  Too often, sellers don't take into consideration their customer.  They do what is best in their own eyes, not really caring about the bidder.  When you buy on eBay, you put yourself in your customer's shoes.  This is vital to be successful on eBay.

2.  Become Familiar with eBay Fees - eBay fees were a major reason I would not start selling on eBay.  I didn't want to list an item and possibly lose money on the entire deal.  Let me explain eBay fees for you.  When you list an item, you are charged a listing fee.  Listing fees, also called insertion fees are based on your starting bid price.   If you start your auction at 5.99, you are charged an insertion fee of .40.  Anything that starts between 1.00 and 9.99 is charged the same insertion fee. 

You can choose upgrades to your listing fee, but I only recommend the gallery picture fee.  It generally runs about thirty cents.   These insertion fee and gallery fee is charged when you put the auction on eBay, regardless of whether or not you sell your item.

The other fee you should know is the Final Value Fee.  When your item sells, you pay eBay a fee based on the final selling price.  It runs 5.25% up to 25.00.  After that, you pay $1.31 plus 3.25% of the price over 25.00.  So an item that sells for 10.00 would be charged fifty-two cents. as a final value fee.  If your item sells for 30.00, you would pay $1.31 plus 3.25% of five dollars because your item sold for five dollars over $25.

3.  Set Up an eBay and Paypal Account - Go to eBay and set up an eBay account so you can buy & sell.  Once your eBay account is set up, go to Paypal.  Paypal is the simplest way to accept money for your sold auctions.  Paypal is owned by eBay and the two work together quite nicely.

4.  Download Turbo Lister for Free - Turbo Lister is a free software from eBay.  It allows you to easily list your items on eBay.  You don't need to know html or any other software language to use Turbo Lister.Simply fill in the boxes and you are ready to go.  It's really that simple.  Once you have your items in Turbo Lister, you can upload all of them to eBay, using your eBay user ID. 

5.  Just Do It - This weekend I attended a workshop with Matt Bacak.  The comment I heard repeatedly from the teachers was "Just do it.  You don't have to get it right.  You just need to do it."  If you want to build an eBay business, you just need to get started.  Just do it!

Find some items around your home and auction them on eBay.  Your first auctions will not be perfect.  But, they will get you started!  You have to take the first step, to take the next step to a great eBay business.

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Kerry Beck, stay-at-home mom and Power Seller, teaches families how to make money on eBay so they can gain financial freedom.  Recently, Kerry published her multi-media course, Secrets to Online Auction Success, so anyone can start a profitable eBay business.  She wants to give you her mini-course, so go right now to FamilyEbizMom    

Business Articles | June 18, 2007

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Ebay is the biggest online business platform in the world now, it becomes more and more popular and more and more people sell and buy goods on Ebay.

If you are thinking about starting your own online shopping business on ebay, then it's the best idea. You will know that on ebay, the products or items do not remain as simply auction items, the value of these items improve and you get much more. You get immediate garage sales or yard sales too! On listing your products on ebay alternatives online auctions site in the classified ads or want ads category, you get huge exposure and also you get a great choice from ebay auctions and thus you can earn greater profits. On ebay online alternative auctions you are able to source flea markets, swap meets, garage sales, want ads, public auctions, classifieds, auctions online and lot more, anything that you can actually think of. You just need to join the fun and you need not pay the

membership fee, it's for free!

How is your item or product promoted? Well, when you list your item on the ebay alternative online auction, your product will be displayed on this auction website. The potential buyer will view the product or can search the desired product from the specific category and click on the title to know more about the product. By doing so, the buyer will be able to view the product details like its description, quantity, current price and the original price of the item. You can also watch the item closely by selecting different options like side view, front view etc. It also gives you the bidding details like the time left for the bidding to end, number of bids, starting time, along with other necessary information like shipping costs and shipping rules. So once your product is displayed on ebay alternative online auctions, you will surely get the right bidder and maximum returns.

Ebay is quite popular these years

and considered as one and only largest garage sale worldwide and this means that anybody who has got any item to sell has a good opportunity to gain returns. But you will be disappointed to realize the fact that a good share of your profits is eroded by ebay due to their terms and conditions. One of the best reasons to use ebay alternative online auctions is that, it is free to use where you can tap a huge number of buyers and sell your items at the best price, moreover, you don't need to share a huge amount of your profits too.

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