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 Fashion changes its mood and feels in no time, but in this age it is not much difficult to go connected with what is going in the fashion industry.Shopping for More Specials

 Latest Fashion   ll  

Just think of a mini party arranged by one of your friend, you step inside the hall and find yourself wearing the out dated  fashions, dress and accessories. It's like putting you directly in the hell as a laughing stock.  .

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Fashion changes its mood and feels in no time, but in this age it is not much difficult to go connected with what is going in the fashion industry.Shopping for More Specials

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 Let's Talk about fashion and celebrities

Let's go through the latest fashion styles exposed by the star and celebrities. Celebrity trends are always adopted by the public. Celebrity profiles also reveal the latest fashion styles on the top chart. 

Ladies dress styles in this century has been shifting to great extent. It is getting more unconventional time to time. For the casual range of dress, floral prints are getting very famous right now. For someone who loves floral prints, the summer /spring collection 2011 will be the best to start from. Every dress features flowers in bloom, make you look cute and elegant at the same time. Four beautiful celebrities Keke Lindgard, Jessica Clarke, Julia Turenkova, and Mariana Idzkowska prepared their celebrity profile for this wonderful spring collection, so choose from it if you going to have some casual dresses. Shopping for More Specials

Party dresses, on the other hand, seem to have more formal cuts, design and styles with a broad range of bold and gallant colors. Interlock pencil skirts, knee-down skirts, short skirts, floral empire dress, Paisley empire dress, layered floral cameo etc. are more in the trends in the party dresses. 

Bridal dresses are also getting the informal and unconventional turns. Designer's dresses are more in fashion because they can easily be personalized according to the bride's choice while not crossing the budget limits. Classic White wedding dresses are no more on their peak. Fashion designers are now introducing both elegant and bold colors in the American wedding dresses. Celebrities are thus adopting these unconventional wedding dresses to make their own style statements. 

Fashion accessories cannot be ignored while talking about the latest fashion styles. Trendy fashion accessories are also getting the new styles and colors. Audacious colors are being in fashion for bags, sandals, jewelry and cosmetics as well. Shopping for More Specials

 If you are getting fed up of the heavy make up and jewelry looks, then why don't you go for the Green fashion? Yes, the green fashion is now here for those ladies who want to maintain their natural and organic looks. It involves the magical cosmetics stuff and the astonishing flower fashion accessories and dresses with natural colors. So opt what ever you want to choose from the green fashion and look like a Natural Beauty.about the Author by Nicole Davis in Shopping / Fashion Style    (submitted 2011-01-25)My name is Nicole and I live in Canada. I am the owner of  Complete Fashion Guide
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Fashion and style come in shape, cut, pattern and design, fabric and material, and style of wearing the apparel. Classic style is often combined with modern accessories for contemporary look. Mix and match of various styles has always been a favorite experiment for fashion freaks. After all, whatever you wear is what you are.

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Fashion Style    

 Style'Style' is the expression of inner ourselves to outer side and it comes through our clothing, accessories, behavior, body movement, way of talking etc. It is expressing what we actually are. To the layman 'fashion' is simply the style of wearing clothes. However, if you think deeper, fashion style reflects your persona and creates one's first impression in public.

One's dress up says many things unuttered and it already sets 80% of one's first impression before he speaks up anything for himself. The body language and behavior creates rest of the image. People simply believe them who wear what they speak. For instance, a corporate personnel's clothing is very different from middle-class service member. The clothing speaks of them and makes their image trustworthy. Hence, one should be very aware of what fashion style he or she is carrying.

Fashion style includes all that we display with us, like the accessories, hairstyle, shoes, make-up, even your handy umbrella or cell phone in addition to the clothing. Altogether, they bring out your complete image.

Paris, Milan and New York City are considered the fashion capitals of the world. London, Sydney, Toronto, Hong Kong, Sao Paolo and many other market areas are small hubs for designer garments and accessories. However, the designer collections are often out of reach because they are highly priced. That is because they are work of art and intense imagination; designers depict a theme, convey message through their creations, and they are not meant for daily use. Often they are look so  absurd that one person with sanity cannot carry it on the street Wherever be the mastermind to decide what is 'in' fashion, people pay attention to their style themselves. Even when one speaks, he or she does not mind style, which is also a type of styleby Bob Lake in Shopping / Fashion Style    (submitted 2009-12-22)Fashion