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 Making money online with social media and social networking is often looked at with mysticism, confusion, doubt, and misguidance. We will go over the numerous principles to capitalizing on these powerful mediums and why so many other techniques often fail. First we must understand what social media and networking sites are, and what they are not.

Making money online with social media and social networking is often looked at with mysticism, confusion, doubt, and misguidance. We will go over the numerous principles to capitalizing on these powerful mediums and why so many other techniques often fail. First we must understand what social media and networking sites are, and what they are not.

According to Wikipedia social media is "activities that integrate technology, telecommunications and social interaction"; social networking is very similar stating "facilitates communication between a group of individuals or organizations....shared values." The most obvious word the two share is social; the goal of these websites is to bring people together in a relevant, organized fashion, to better transfer their knowledge and passions. They are not identical but the principles are the same: people sharing knowledge, organization, shared interests. We will use the term social media to represent both fields.

social media Chances

are you have read somewhere to focus on niche marketing. While being in a niche is a solid business plan, understand that people are people, and like people, we all are more alike than dissimilar. Do not miss out on the opportunity to reach new audiences for fear of being different; people have broad interests, personalities, and "light bulbs" that go off when they see something alien to them.

If you, like many marketers focus only on niches you will pigeon hole your own growth. Here is an example. I co-run, a social network for all things video game related. The gamers in the community vary from hardcore, to casual, and every degree in between. Now, if we strictly marketed to known gamers we would have a finite pool (albeit enormous) but we would be missing out on people that did NOT actively know they wanted to play games until the opportunity arose.

The idea works the same way as "impulse buying". Native Americans did not know Columbus came by boats because they did not "see" the boats; it wasn't in their realm of consciousness. It was only after they were exposed to them did they "see them". Marketing works the same way; let your product/service enter the minds of the masses and you will gain new audiences.

Now making money online is not all about you (scary isn't it?). You are in a relationship with the internet, the social media site you are utilizing, and the people within it. How would you like it if your girlfriend made you mow the lawn, cook her dinner and satisfy her needs and told you good night? You would feel used at the very least, and ready to explode (with anger ha). Now on the other hand if she cooked you dinner while you mowed the lawn and gave you a back massage you would both feel pretty good. Mutual benefit is the only way true relationships work. Never make the mistake of trying to get something out of someone for nothing.

As Earl nightingale has taught us mutual benefit is the only real way for prosperity. When approaching a social medium, whether a forum, a bookmarking oriented site such as digg or reddit, or a large network such facebook, myspace or GameFriends you must enter with the mindset of contributing positively to the community. In fact, making money online is the last step to becoming successful. You will only make money online once you have become successful and contributing to others success.

Social media is not a place to drop as many links and spam as many people as possible. If you treat it as such you will be wasting your time. Behind social media are real life people like yourself. Just think how you would want to be treated. Keep in mind however this does not mean you can personally connect with each person. I love interacting with people but it is just not possible on a mass scale depending on your niche or product. To counteract this you must be as open and honest about your intentions and what you hope to bring to the community. An example of positively contributing to Digg would be to compile a list of the best of X, and truly taking your time to make it relevant to your product/service, or creating a Facebook group to raise awareness of your business with quality content. Yahoo Answers and GameFriends Ask a Gamer are great examples of researching and sharing knowledge and being rewarded with a link back to your website, as well as the quality article directories that distribute this.

Action. There are thousands of social media websites. To start you should sign up to about 5 of them and contribute your knowledge and add friends. If you contribute to each social medium (daily progress) you will have a great standing within the community in just 30 days. The more active you are the quicker the process becomes. Then after this time you will be able to let your friends know and others within the community about your shiny new red model cars for sale, or whatever you are selling.

This isn't a guarantee of success, but if you sign up and tell everyone about your shiny new red model cars before some foreplay you will be kicked out of the metaphorical bed, aka social medium. If you are in the game industry you can read a more thorough article titled how to make money online with gamefriends (coming soon). Remember to utilize niche mediums but not to limit yourself, contribute your knowledge in a relevant way to expose your product, make friends, patience, passion, and determination. Not everyone has the budget to run a huge website but since the advent of blogger and other amazing services all you need is the willingness to share your passions and you can turn a "simple blog" into a powerhouse of informative content that other networks recognize for its professionalism and a trusted website backed by a real person.

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 Social  Media  Networking  

 Social networking, instant messaging and micro-blogging features, Twitter is still misunderstood by many people. A personal blog can keep people informed on what is going on in your life, but not everyone wants to spend an hour crafting a beautiful post about the vibrant colors seen on a butterfly spotted in the front time.

It's a great place for keeping people informed on what you are up to without the need to spend a lot of time crafting an entire post on the subject. That's where Twitter comes into the picture.You just say what's up and leave it at that. While Twitter may have started as a micro-blogging service, it is grown into much more than simply a tool to type in quick status updates. Often it is described as a cross between blogging and instant messaging.

Twitter is social messaging With the ability to follow people and have followers, and the ability to have interact with Twitter on your cell phone, Twitter has become the perfect social messaging tool. Whether you are out on the town and want to coordinate with a group of people as to what hot spot to hit next, or keeping people informed of developments at a company-sponsored event, Twitter is a great tool for quickly communicating a message to a group of people.

In a digital world that is relying on the Internet more and more for news, that streaming ticker is Twitter. Faster and more immediate than a blog, Twitter has been embraced by the "new media" of the blogosphere and has slowly won acceptance among traditional media outlets. Twitter has become a favorite target for social media marketing. Getting Started Twitter Announcements and Features!. All you need to use Twitter is an internet connection or a mobile phone.

To get an idea of what other people are saying or doing on Twitter, check out. Twitter search to see what Twitter's all about. Following someone simply means receiving their Twitter updates. When you follow someone, every time they post a new message, it will appear in your Twitter home page. When you log in, you can see what the latest updates are. Twitter offers other ways to follow people too: you can get updates from certain people on your phone !. If you've registered your phone with Twitter, you can set up text preferences for a person as well. Twitter recently added follow and update limits for stability and abuse control.

Twitter offers many ways to post updates: from the web in the update box, from your phone , from your mobile web browser using m twitter com, or from any third party application made by the talented folks who've utilized our. Yep! Put a Twitter badge on your blog, website, MySpace anything that accepts Javascript or HTML. Social Networking "What's the deal with Twitter? Some of my friends are telling me how great it is, but when I checked out the site, it seems like just a stream of random personal comments from people who don't even know each other. Am I missing some part of Twitter that makes it useful or fun?". Twitter is a new form of social networking which is sometimes referred to as micro-blogging.

As you noticed, Twitter users can make short posts about what is going on right that minute in their lives. People tend to post what they're working on, comment about a TV show they're watching, what they are cooking for dinner, complain about being stuck in traffic, and all sorts of other innane topics.


Many use Twitter to market products or services. Others use Twitter to keep tract of current events or cultural activities. Still others use Twitter for mere socialization. They just enjoy talking with friends, family or like-minded strangers about what they are doing at the moment. Twitter is easy and fun and constantly evolving. Start your account today.

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World's Most Successful Social Network Attention entrepreneurs, small business owners, speakers, trainers, consultants and anyone else who wants to quickly increase their sales through the awesome power of networking...

Join Some of the World's Most Successful Social

Marketing Experts As They Reveal How to Use the

Power of Twitter to Explode Your Business.

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5 Traits of Successful Online Marketers

Online marketers are somehow the best at what they are doing nowadays knowing the skyrocketing status of online marketing. While online marketers have one common goal, they have different attacks and or approaches towards online marketing. 

Here we have listed some common traits of successful online marketers to help develop that online marketer spirit in you: 

1.   Set up priority 

They know how to prioritize tasks, from the most important down to the least. They always make sure to start the day by completing the tasks that are complex which needs more attention and time. The best way to make sure you prioritize things accordingly, you may put it on sticky notes or write them on your schedule planner. 

2. Give task to the people that do best Online marketing is definitely not a one-man show. It takes a team of hardworking and expert people to create the best online marketing strategy.

Online marketers are handling such team, they know how to delegate the task to the people that can do best. This helps them get a better result by keeping things organized and effective. They know their team so well that they work efficiently together. With this strategy, the team will be more productive. 

iPage site builder banner 3. They keep it cool 

Everyone can have inflated the ego, especially during your success. But online marketers tend to keep it cool and humble. They keep on evaluating their performance and reflecting from it. They take the time to know the mistakes they have done and how to improve them for the better. This is simply because the changes in online marketing trends are drastic and there is just no time for complacency. 

4.  Treat customers’ right The success of the online marketers is 99% because of their customers. Therefore, they always make sure that they are giving the customers what are due to them and giving them good services and satisfaction. 

5.They don't stop learning Online marketers cannot just put enough stress about the importance of refreshing your knowledge and skills about everything in this world of online marketing. Again, online marketing trends change so fast. They always make sure that they follow the trends, learn new techniques and approaches. They always learn by either reading latest articles or books and or going to conventions and seminars. 

Being a successful online marketing is about knowing no boundaries and not settling for what's convenient. They are always finding ways to learn more, do more and excel even more. So, how many of these traits you think you possess?

Diane Ong has a great passion in dealing with clients relating to marketing, banking and finance, eCommerce and online support. As a business strategist, she delivers an excellent service to start-up businesses as she already gained great experiences from working in many fields.

Diane collaborates with a competent and skillful team that extends full effort in providing assistance to business ventures big and small; old and new. She continuously imparts her knowledge and experiences to run an efficient and highly competitive marketing campaign for the business.

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Another most popular way of making money online with your website or blog is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply the promotion of products on your website. Whenever a sale is made through your website, you gets a commission of it. There are many affiliate marketing networks and you can easily become a salesperson there. All you need is to fill an easy form and sign up.

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