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The internet is the best choice for anyone that wants to promote a small business. However, a website and a domain are required, which also leads to the need for web hosting. Whether you want to build a website for you or for your customers, you should know that you can find various instruments that can help you with this task. More than that, these tools are both free and accessible as you can find them with a quick search on the internet.

You have many options to choose from when it comes to such tools and each one of them has specific features. These allow you to create many kinds of websites when it comes to both their design and their functionality. The best part when it comes to all of these applications is that you don't have to be an expert to successfully complete a website. Below you can read information about some of the existing free applications that you can find on the internet to create and host your websites:

Wix offers the possibility for you to realize flash based websites without having to pay for using it. You can try your skills to build a website and also you have the option to see other users' results and make comparisons. Also, this way you can get new ideas for how to create a friendly website on your own. You can easily use Wix to create a website the way you want it look but if there is something you don't understand you can use the forum or search for the answers you need directly on Wixpedia. If you want, Wix also has a professional team that can help you when it comes to designing websites but this is not for free.

- Without even having to register first, you can use Webon to create a dynamic website for free. One of the features included if you choose this tool are the fact that you will obtain a website that is free from ads. Also, you can use one of the free templates Webon offers.

Also, you can create an unlimited number of website by using the same account and you don't have to worry about saving the websites you create: Webon has an "automatically save" function that will help you not to loose your work. You can enjoy creating friendly blogs for free and you will do that with a simple editor.

- Viviti provides you with 100 diverse templates that you can personalize to create an original website. These can be used for three categories of needs: small businesses, blogs or web design. You can either complete a unique website in a few minutes or you can work more to reach to the exact result that you wanted. You can also create other templates besides the ones that Viviti provides you with. You can modify the websites you created any time you want.

- Another great free tool for creating websites is Jimdo. On this website, you can find a video showing you how to use it to create the websites you need. Once you sign-up on Jimdo, you will be able to realize an original website that can include various photos and videos. You will find easy to use Jimdo per ensemble and you can create websites that have many attractive designs.

- Websketch is also really useful for those that want to get a self designed website where they can include everything from the text to photos and music. It also integrated an "automatically saving" function and is also the best option for someone who is especially interested in security. A special feature that Websketch integrated is a sharing feature that announce your friends on the new websites you created by email. Therefore, even if your friends are not registered on Websketch, you can let them know about your most recently work.

These are just a few examples of online tools that are very popular for creating and hosting websites. Each includes many free features that allow you to obtain the perfect websites but also includes paid features if you want an upgrade to the next level. This way, you can move from creating your website to owning a domain and having it hosted on the internet.

About the Author 5  Free Online Tools to Create & Host Your Website by Mike Myers in Internet (submitted 2009-08-07)

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Check Out Cool Websites to Obtain Ideas for Your Site

 A great way to get design ideas for your website is to check out cool websites that appeal to your tastes and match-up with the look you desire for your own Internet presence. There are so many styles of websites from which to choose, and browsing through cool websites is not just informational it is also a lot of fun. 

A great way to get design ideas for your website is to check out cool websites that appeal to your tastes and match-up with the look you desire for your own Internet presence. There are so many styles of websites from which to choose, and browsing through cool websites is not just informational it is also a lot of fun. 

You can search for website ideas for businesses inside or outside of your niche or industry. If you are interested in looking within your specific industry, try using an online search engine by typing in a keyword for your industry and the word “websites” or “cool websites” or “website design.” You can do a similar search for any industry that peaks your interest. Another way to search for ideas is to visit professional web designer’s business sites. Typically, they provide examples of their work and can be a good resource for cool website ideas.

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5 Traits of Successful Online Marketers

Online marketers are somehow the best at what they are doing nowadays knowing the skyrocketing status of online marketing. While online marketers have one common goal, they have different attacks and or approaches towards online marketing. 

Here we have listed some common traits of successful online marketers to help develop that online marketer spirit in you: 

1.   Set up priority 

They know how to prioritize tasks, from the most important down to the least. They always make sure to start the day by completing the tasks that are complex which needs more attention and time. The best way to make sure you prioritize things accordingly, you may put it on sticky notes or write them on your schedule planner. 

2. Give task to the people that do best Online marketing is definitely not a one-man show. It takes a team of hardworking and expert people to create the best online marketing strategy.

Online marketers are handling such team, they know how to delegate the task to the people that can do best. This helps them get a better result by keeping things organized and effective. They know their team so well that they work efficiently together. With this strategy, the team will be more productive. 

iPage site builder banner 3. They keep it cool 

Everyone can have inflated the ego, especially during your success. But online marketers tend to keep it cool and humble. They keep on evaluating their performance and reflecting from it. They take the time to know the mistakes they have done and how to improve them for the better. This is simply because the changes in online marketing trends are drastic and there is just no time for complacency. 

4.  Treat customers’ right The success of the online marketers is 99% because of their customers. Therefore, they always make sure that they are giving the customers what are due to them and giving them good services and satisfaction. 

5.They don't stop learning Online marketers cannot just put enough stress about the importance of refreshing your knowledge and skills about everything in this world of online marketing. Again, online marketing trends change so fast. They always make sure that they follow the trends, learn new techniques and approaches. They always learn by either reading latest articles or books and or going to conventions and seminars. 

Being a successful online marketing is about knowing no boundaries and not settling for what's convenient. They are always finding ways to learn more, do more and excel even more. So, how many of these traits you think you possess?

Diane Ong has a great passion in dealing with clients relating to marketing, banking and finance, eCommerce and online support. As a business strategist, she delivers an excellent service to start-up businesses as she already gained great experiences from working in many fields.

Diane collaborates with a competent and skillful team that extends full effort in providing assistance to business ventures big and small; old and new. She continuously imparts her knowledge and experiences to run an efficient and highly competitive marketing campaign for the business.

Diane Ong acquired greater skills as she has worked at some known and trusted establishments such as Sanden International, Hongkong Shanghai Bank Philippines, and Smart Communications.

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Affiliate Marketing 

Another most popular way of making money online with your website or blog is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply the promotion of products on your website. Whenever a sale is made through your website, you gets a commission of it. There are many affiliate marketing networks and you can easily become a salesperson there. All you need is to fill an easy form and sign up.

But again, you will need to have a good traffic base so that you can ensure a reasonable amount of affiliate sales. Try to learn various SEO tips and tricks so that you can optimize your website for search engines and can optimize your home based business too. There is no doubt that you will need to appear in the first few pages of Google search engine results page (SERPs) in order to get good sales and monthly income. Source: Free Articles from


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