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"Perseverance - pays off in the game of business and life. Too many quit just steps away from the results they desire. Keep pressing forward and eventually the doors will open and you will achieve your dreams! "Zig Ziglar

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Good health takes work, but by laying the initial foundation with our four core products—IsaLean® Shake, Cleanse for Life®, Ionix® Supreme and Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack—you can be on your way to a lifetime of wellness.

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Even though exercise is one of the most important and essential needs besides eating, most people have a certain problem loosing those 3 or 6 pounds that they have been struggling to loose on the past 4 or even 6 months of work out, and it isn't that your body is defective or anything, it's just that our body's are designed to keep and conserve energy just in case it is needed in the future and no matter how much exercise you do, your body is already used to this work out and you won't be able to lose the weight you want to.

I have been in the gym and I weigh 230 pounds and at first it was great in the first 2 months I lost 50 pounds but my ideal body weight is 174 and after those two months of incredible loss my body just stopped burning the extra calories and I was stuck in 180 and my work out was 30 min of cardio 300 sit ups and I benched every other day. I really dint know what to do until I came across with a product called Isagenix and this product was great for my body, because it isn't one of those diet pills that promise magic, what they said actually made sense, it's a 9 day cleansing program that will eliminate bad things in your body, impurities to be exact, it also reduces your caloric intake, and its really good for your body's regular functioning.

The steps for this product are REALLY! Simple it starts with the cleansing juice and you take this for the first two days and at this point your body is eliminating all of those bad things you have been collecting throughout your life with fast foods and high calorie products, the next 5 days you will be on a routine of shakes which is preferably to be taken one for breakfast and one for supper. In the middle of the shakes a low calorie meal, but that's not all to help you cope with anxiety to eat they provide chocolate treats that will control your hunger when you feel you have to eat, plus they give you a bottle of accelerator which boosts your metabolism and helps you lose those extra pounds. At the ends of the shakes you finish with 2 more days of cleansing juice to leave your body completely purified and let me tell you at the end of these nine days I lost 7 pounds! One more than I needed.

exercise portion

I'm also going to tell you that in the exercise portion of the program, because of course exercise has to be done in order for this to work really well on your body, is water, because I thought one or two glasses a day were enough but I was very wrong. Isagenix program emphasizes a lot on drinking water. They even give you a simple equation to follow. You take your weigh and you divided by half and whatever number that is, you must drink it in ounces. For example 100lb you divided by half that's 50, so this person must be drinking 50 ounces of water every day.

For last in just going to encourage you to try this program, because I believed in it and it had a great impact on me and my body. So take the chance and your work outs and your fitness life will improve on incredible proportions.

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