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The Future Of Internet Marketing

Making Money Online In 2011 - The Future Of Internet Marketing? (Part 1)

Web 3.0 (the Semantic Web) represents another stage in the evolution of the Internet. Web 2.0 is all about social networking (MySpace, FaceBook, etc.), sharing information (RSS, YouTube, Flickr, etc.) and user-generated content (Wikipedia, blogs) The Semantic Web promises to be much more.

So, what exactly can we expect from the Semantic Web? Here are some changes that Web 3.0 could mean for Internet marketers:

1. The whole Internet will function like one seamless database and interactivity will surge.

2. Broadband speeds will blaze through virtual highways.

3. Mobile phones will access the Internet on a much bigger scale.

4. The applications on the Web will become more intelligent and we will see machines that think and process natural languages.

5. Graphic processing will go high-tech and we will be seeing lots more 3-D material. We will be able to take three-dimensional virtual tours in cities and remote regions.

6. Artificial Intelligence will get a boost as computer programs become intelligent enough to perform some of the tasks for us. For example, today when we want to search for something, we have to type it into the computer and do the searching ourselves. As AI technology becomes more powerful, it will allow computers to understand languages, reason on their own and arrive at logical conclusions.

When the Web becomes semantic, this technology will be able to find, share and combine information for us. Web 3.0 will truly make the computer our slave.

How will Web 3.0 change Internet Marketing?

To understand how Web 3.0 will impact Internet marketing, we have to understand the technological changes it will bring about: Today, many website owners pack in keyphrases that don't make much sense, for example "Costa Rica Rental" or "Lawyer Fee New York", and such words pieced together for SEO benefits.

This is because search engines do not search for words like "and", "or", "but", "at", etc. Web 3.0 will change all that, so if any content includes bad grammar search engine algorithms may blacklist the site or push it down the rankings.

When Web 3.0 comes in, original and rich content with a few keywords strategically and logically placed will rule the search engine rankings.

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