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Winning Lead Capture Pages

Turn Key Easy Unique lead Capture Pages

Get leads Capture pages or "squeeze pages" are one of the pillars or a successful network marketing business. If you are using the internet to market your network marketing opportunity (which you ABSOLUTELY should be), understanding why a capture page is necessary and how to put one together will help you continuously attract targeted leads for your business, which will allow your business to grow at a much more rapid rate.

Get leads Captures Pages

The first thing to understand is that the capture page is really only designed to turn visitors to the capture page into potential leads by collecting a name, email address, phone number or some other kind of contact information from the visitor. That's it. That's all.

In exchange for that information, you must give to the visitor something of REAL value. The format of the page should be very "to the point" and not be confusing to anyone that will visit it. With that being said, let's discuss the basic features of a winning capture page.

Feature #1: The Page Should be designed for a Specific Market

Lead Captures Pages and "Squeeze Pages" to grow your business

This is a very important concept to understand. The objective of your capture page is to attract a certain kind of lead to your business. If your business was selling steaks, you do not want to market to vegetarians.

Get leads Captures Pages

When you are writing the content on your page, write as though you are speaking to exactly the type of person that you are looking to have as a lead. You must also keep in mind what it is that convinced the visitor to come to your capture page in the first place. That is what is called the "bait".

Feature #2: The BAIT...

Get leads Captures Pages  getting lead capture pages tools to help grow your business

The "bait" is the element that your entire capture page is designed around. Some examples may be a "Free Report", a "How-to-Video", or some other valuable information. The biggest thing to remember is that the "bait" is just what it sounds like. In order to get people to opt-in to your capture page, you must be giving them something that they can really use. The more valuable you "bait" is, the more successful you will be in getting a favorable response from the visitors to your page. If your "bait" has little value, then your results will suffer.

Feature #3: The Page Should Have No Distractions

As I spoke about above, the capture page should be very "to the point". In addition, the capture page should not give the visitor numerous options in which to choose from. Avoid links to arbitrary websites and hyperlinks to other information. Ideally, there should be only two choices for someone who visits your capture page: Enter their contact information or exit the page.

Lead Captures Pages and "Squeeze Pages" to grow your business

It should be noted, that if you use Google Adwords to get traffic, you will have to include links in your capture page due to the rules and regulations of Google. If you decide to use Google Adwords, my advice is to just place some links to relevant websites in a small font at the footer of the page. They will be fairly inconspicuous, and they will satisfy the regulations of Google.

Get Leads Captures Pages

Keep these basic rules in mind when building a capture page for your business, and they will increase the frequency of your responses as well as build your credibility and professionalism.

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About the Author: The Features of a Winning Capture Page by Jason-Dennis Stewart in Business / Networking (submitted 2010-11-08) The Features of a Winning Capture Page By Jason-Dennis Stewart

Get Lead Captures Pages and "Squeeze Pages" to grow your business Jason-Dennis Stewart is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, network marketer, and author. He is a former college and professional athlete that overcame financial challenges and is passionate about helping others do the same by sharing his experiences.

The Money is in The Leads for your business

Understand the Value of Your Leads

ALL of your leads are valuable, so treat all of your leads - wherever they are in your marketing funnel - with the same level of respect and importance.

Many businesses and salespeople concentrate all their energies on the really "hot" leads - the people who want something right now and are willing to pay for it now.

I've seen it myself working in different sales departments at different companies. People only have so much time and energy to commit to making sales and so they concentrate on the leads that seem to be the most promising. The guy they saw last month who said "maybe" gets bumped way down the list in terms of importance and top-of-mind with the salesperson.

I believe this is a big mistake. I think that ALL of your leads are valuable. Just because they aren't customers yet, doesn't mean they won't become one later on when their circumstances change or their need becomes more acute.

Let's face it, unless it's a problem that's happening right now and having immediate impact - like a burst pipe in the basement or smoke coming from the car engine - most of us don't take action right away.

It's the same with your business - most people don't come to your website and purchase something immediately. They need to check you out, see if they like your way of approaching things and if they find your offerings interesting and possibly beneficial to them.

There are many reasons why prospects may not be willing to engage your services immediately:

- they are dealing with more pressing things at this time

- they do not have enough information about your product or service

- they are not ready to make a decision

- they do not yet feel comfortable or trust you enough yet

- they are comparing information from other companies and trying to determine the best choice for them

You need to keep your name in front of your leads - whether they're already customers or have yet to purchase something. By following up repeatedly with prospective customers, you have a better chance of getting the sale when they are ready to buy - because you've remained top-of-mind by providing valuable communications with them.

When you keep in contact with your leads - warm or cold - you are sending them a powerful message: that you believe they are important and worth cultivating a relationship with - even if they haven't bought anything yet.

So be a smart marketer and treat all of your leads - wherever they are in your marketing funnel - with the same level of respect and importance. Remember that today's leads are tomorrow's customers.

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Jody Gabourie, The Small Business Marketing Coach, teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to take action with their marketing in order to get more results and more profits. To learn all about her unique "done-for-you" ebooks called Ready Made Marketing Plans™ and to sign up for her FREE special report, ezine and articles, visit her site at

Business Articles | March 13, 2009

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5 Traits of Successful Online Marketers

Online marketers are somehow the best at what they are doing nowadays knowing the skyrocketing status of online marketing. While online marketers have one common goal, they have different attacks and or approaches towards online marketing. 

Here we have listed some common traits of successful online marketers to help develop that online marketer spirit in you: 

1.   Set up priority 

They know how to prioritize tasks, from the most important down to the least. They always make sure to start the day by completing the tasks that are complex which needs more attention and time. The best way to make sure you prioritize things accordingly, you may put it on sticky notes or write them on your schedule planner. 

2. Give task to the people that do best Online marketing is definitely not a one-man show. It takes a team of hardworking and expert people to create the best online marketing strategy.

Online marketers are handling such team, they know how to delegate the task to the people that can do best. This helps them get a better result by keeping things organized and effective. They know their team so well that they work efficiently together. With this strategy, the team will be more productive. 

iPage site builder banner 3. They keep it cool 

Everyone can have inflated the ego, especially during your success. But online marketers tend to keep it cool and humble. They keep on evaluating their performance and reflecting from it. They take the time to know the mistakes they have done and how to improve them for the better. This is simply because the changes in online marketing trends are drastic and there is just no time for complacency. 

4.  Treat customers’ right The success of the online marketers is 99% because of their customers. Therefore, they always make sure that they are giving the customers what are due to them and giving them good services and satisfaction. 

5.They don't stop learning Online marketers cannot just put enough stress about the importance of refreshing your knowledge and skills about everything in this world of online marketing. Again, online marketing trends change so fast. They always make sure that they follow the trends, learn new techniques and approaches. They always learn by either reading latest articles or books and or going to conventions and seminars. 

Being a successful online marketing is about knowing no boundaries and not settling for what's convenient. They are always finding ways to learn more, do more and excel even more. So, how many of these traits you think you possess?

Diane Ong has a great passion in dealing with clients relating to marketing, banking and finance, eCommerce and online support. As a business strategist, she delivers an excellent service to start-up businesses as she already gained great experiences from working in many fields.

Diane collaborates with a competent and skillful team that extends full effort in providing assistance to business ventures big and small; old and new. She continuously imparts her knowledge and experiences to run an efficient and highly competitive marketing campaign for the business.

Diane Ong acquired greater skills as she has worked at some known and trusted establishments such as Sanden International, Hongkong Shanghai Bank Philippines, and Smart Communications.

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