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We will start designing the website, you need to develop a blue print or road map then build a website online using the right tools start creating a Business plan. You can use your website tools to help you start-making money online. It is vital that you used the right website tools and resources online.

Website Resource

Start Building a website

1. Domain Name

2. Website Hosting

3. Website Development- the theme, the niche, products, resources

4. Create a website blueprint or road map, the plan

A. SBI website building tools

B. e-business development the products or service

C. Internet marketing resources

D.What marketing resources will you use?

Dear, friends, and Business Partners

If you want to be successful at building a great website, and learn how to make money or market yourself on the internet you need the right website tools.

"We will build a website that works, build a site upon the reality of the way people use the web"

Lets learn how to build a real money making Website. However, money cannot be the focus of your website. We recommend building your website based on the SBI methods



P-PRE sell


You need to use developed and approved website that are proven to get the best results.

I will share with you my experience with building a website. For many years, I have several websites on the web, but not a lot of visitors or traffic at my site. I decided to get a per-loaded website, store online which was a drop ship website that cost a monthly fee of $49.99 per month.

Some products work others do not and some are better than others are.

I thought this was a great way to make money online. I had my website and products all in one. I did not have to touch the products, money or website. Just wait for the money to roll in... After a few month nothing happen not even a response. I later realize I needed to upgrade to an improved website.

Did I tell you that the cost for the up-grade double my monthly fee. My new payment plan cost about $199.00 per month. They let me know if I really wanted more visitors, traffic, keywords, data I should get another upgrade to a premium website. The month fee for the website was $299.00 per month. I would not pay 299.99 per month for a website and not have total control of the website.

There are sites who offer free websites sign-up these sites are ok however, you will always pay for something. You might have to pay a web-hosting fee, a cost for the web domain name, software to drive traffic to your site. You will need software to find keywords for your website to drive traffic and write build content.

It is important that you pre-sell your visitors, when they visit your website, and that you turn them into customers.


This website will allow you to read, learn, review information. I will share a lot of information about how to build and grow a business online.

We reviewed most the products on this website. We used most of the products on this websites. I also approved many products on. We reviewed materials, read information and viewed the website products. We will share the pros, cons, and information that will help you.

You can contact me and learn more about building and growing your Internet business online or marketing your products.

I will coach you free. The first 15 min and assessment is free... Call for your free information session, go to the member’s page and join my Network Marketing team become a member of Your Group Enterprise Internet Marketing support group.

I open an eBay account and an eBay pro store online which cost $49.99 monthly fee plus listing fees. I also paid for several build it yourself websites, which included online training, a do-it-yourself

Check out the best deal on the Internet SBI is the best way to Bring customers to your website The SBI Site sell offers a 12 e learning and website building courses that will develop your skills and help you build your website. You will develop the best Internet marketing skills> this will put you ahead of the rest. Because of the SBI, e- learning you can began to master internet-marketing, e-business and develop your online business.

Review the SBI site to create a moneymaking website

When you use The SBI program, you will learn to build the best money making website and market your business. SBI program includes training that you can learn more than "learn how." Do more than merely putting up yet another website or blog that just "sits there." Start and build a real business.

"The right process, the right tools that remove all the barriers and mysteries, correctly applied at the right time. That is how you grow an online business with increasing long-term profits". SBI! That is how SBI! Works."

SBI offers you “Prosperity, Passion, Priorities, Freedom to spend time with Family” People still do not realize that their hobbies and life skills can generate a solid income on the Web.

Let this information about SBI site sell website be the revelation that convinces you it IS possible...and purchasing SBI! Is the ONLY real way to make that happen? SBI offers the best deal all in one website building tools, at the lowest price in the market.

Website Focus

The question is what kind of website you will have. There are two different types of websites

Next, let us understand the different between Advertising and Marketing

Advertising is a form of communication intended to persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to purchase or take some action upon products, ideas, or services

Marketing is the process by which companies create customer interest in goods or services

Brick and Mortar Business Website

1. A website for a Brick and Mortar business- This website is for a brick and mortar business, this business has a physical location and is in a local area.

A business with brick and mortar, the location, location is very important this may be a store, a company a corporation a shopping store, a mall, boutique a service, business office, doctor office; flowers shop department store, local small business or a warehouse... This type of business purpose is to drive traffic to the website and drive traffic to the local business location or provide a local service.

These websites are sometimes designed with HTML, flash, and a E-ecommerce website set up for you to sell your pre-loaded products and a simple content site with management systems.

The focus is bringing customers into the local business location. The website with a physical location may have a small amount of content, less information and pages on the website. This type of website may have a lot of creative graphics, visible products, or information about local product and services. These websites may sell products online but their location is most important to the business.

The Informational Online business Website

2. This Website is an online Business and focus business online with a lot of content, information and website publishing. The website is mainly focus on content, article writing, your personal niche and theme building websites.

This type of website may include a web store, selling online products, e-business, e-books, webinars and online services, but only selling the products or services online.

This type of website provides a lot of information and content. You may use site is used to sell, promote products, and service only on the website. This type of site does not have a physical location, or brick and mortar location.

The focus of the online e-business website is internet marketing, internet advertising social media. A website used content to driving traffic to the website. The website content will drive traffic and customers to the site to purchase products and services.

This type of website may promote products or services from other companies, such as affiliate programs, search marketing social marketing, network marketing, Reselling products, online advertising, Google ad words, pay-per-click, pay-per-sale and pay –per- call, referral service and more.

A website using both methods

3. A Business using both type websites to promote

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