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5 Online learning Tips

Online Education - 5 Tips To Develop Online Learning Skills

Online learning education is popular way of earning a degree for both career advancement and knowledge enhancement. But, not all students will successful in online learning environment. If you have decided to earn a degree online. You need to make sure you have the necessary online learning skills in order to be a successful online student. Below are the 5 tips to develop online learning skills.

1. Set and meet the goals

When you have decided to sign up for an online education program, you definitely want to complete it and earn the desired degree. So, you have to plan to achieve the success. Learn how to define your ultimate goal for online education, then divide the goal to mini goals that must be achieved on each semester. Each mini goal can further be broken down to sub-mini goals with specific due date. Use a task tracking software or tracking sheet to record the progress and make sub each sub-mini goal is achieved on time.

2. Time management strategy

You won't be able to achieve your goals if you fail to manage your time effectively for online study and ensure assignments are completed on time. Besides the study, you may have other personal obligations and work, if you have entered a workplace while pursuing the online degree. So, a good time management strategy to balance the time for each task, work and study is an important online learning skill in online education.

In order to help you develop an effective time management strategy, you have to list down your daily routine tasks, working time and the time you plan to spend on study. Fill them into a task-scheduling software or spreadsheet. Leave column to record the progress status. You have to try to complete all tasks assigned for the day.

3. Effective learning methods

You have to find the best way for you to learn fast and effective. Some people prefer to convert the online learning materials into audio files and save the files into an MP3 player or smart phones. They will play the file for revision whenever they have time. Some students will write small notes that can be brought together and refer them whenever they have leisure time. What is the best learning method for you?

4. How to stay-motivated

Self-motivation is an important online learning skill to keep you move toward achieving your goal and complete the online degree program. For example, you may reward yourself with a movie, a small gift whenever you achieve a mini goal. Any method that can keep you motivated will help you move on until you have successfully achieved your ultimate goal defined for online education.

5. How to find information and ask questions

Information is at your fingertips. As long as you are connected, you can find information that is required in online study from a wide range resources on the Internet. But, if you don't know how to find the required information from so many online resources, it can be very confusing. So, learning how to find the right information is an online learning skill you need to build if you want to benefit from a large online resources on the Internet. There are forums and discussion boards like Yahoo Answer that you can place questions or to ask for help whenever you face problems or issues in online learning.


Online education can be a good option to earn a degree,online  business startup certificate or join an online business Club membership.

  But, you need to develop online learning skills in order to be a successful online student. Use the above tips to develop your online skills and be successful in online education. About the Author

Visit Jullie Harvard at for online education resources. Find the best online degree programs offered by top accredited schools.

by Jullie Harvard in Education / Online Education (submitted 2012-01-23)

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