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Network Marketing offline...

Before talking about the perfect online solution, let's talk about who succeeds in Network Marketing offline...

Offline network marketing tips ...

They are extroverted, ebullient people who can approach others easily and naturally introduce them to the opportunities offered by their respective businesses. These folks build large personal networks -- they execute what is called the "30 foot rule" effortlessly.

What is the "30 foot rule?" Anyone within 30 feet is a potential prospect! They approach people in bank lines, talk to their seatmates in airplanes, play golf as singles... they network like mad. And more power to them, because they've made it work and work and built their own successful businesses.

Unfortunately, most people can barely approach their own small network of friends and family... what's called the "warm circle of contacts." They can barely gather enough courage to approach their "warm circle" let alone that "30 foot circle of strangers."

And that's a critical reason why most fail... The key, of course, to building significant revenues in Network Marketing is to build your "downline" and to make personal sales. Sales + Downline = Significant residual income So the ambitious extrovert succeeds. But the vast majority fail, for a variety of reasons... fear, lack of opportunity, shyness, etc. For example...

A stay-at-home-mom

A stay-at-home spouse is immediately at a disadvantage -- no opportunity to network. And so is any individual who is a) shy by nature, or b) finds "hard-selling" crass or offensive (despite real passion for a company's products).

Network Marking Online... You Can Turn The Tables

The Internet, though, provides the opportunity to change all that, to turn the tables completely around. The stay-at-home spouse can now have a world-wide circle of contacts!

And the shy, soft spoken one? She can speak with a booming voice! Imagine the scenario where you did not have to tap on someone's shoulder at an airport? Imagine, instead, that strangers from around the world tapped on your shoulder, thanking you for great info and calling you or e-mailing you with questions.

5, 10, 20 leads per day like that. Perfectly do-able. And best of all... they are calling you.

When folks call you, the dynamics are completely reversed. You're the expert. You're the person who shares information. And they are the ones who initiated contact.That's better than the best "diamond" can do... and the extroverted personality probably does not have the patience to build what you can do, with Solo Build It! and the Web. But it has to be done right. Here's how...

SBI!'s approach is perfect for a Network Marketer. For example, let's say that you're a 55 year old male with a prostate problem, and you've just joined Melaleuca (a solidly run company). You've read a lot about prostrate problems.

Build a terrific site with a theme related to this. Fill it with Keyword-Focused Content Pages (KFCPs) that SBI!'s Brainstormer will not only suggest, but will also identify as most profitable.

You'll attract targeted free traffic from the SEs -- your own pre-qualified leads who come to you, not the other way around. The content credentializes you as a sharing, generous expert, by OVERdelivering quality information in response to a SE query, about a problem that concerns your visitor. What do you do now?

Get them to fill out a form for your free CD-ROM? Send them with a link over to your online store to buy your anti-prostate products.

Get them to sign up for your Melaleuca business opportunity?No, no, and no. All fatal.

Just as you were developing a warm and trusting connection, you ruined it all. For example, "regular" people don't have CD-ROMs to offer. And despite the "warm and fuzzy" feelings, your visitor is not ready to join a Network Marketing biz-opp. It all ends up "smelling" like a pitch.

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