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Are you interested in making money online? We have put together a list of what we believe are the best ways to start making money online and earning a nice income. Most of these methods are FREE but you should always read the websites carefully to ensure you understand all the details before you start. We hope that you find our list helpful Making Money .

Please let us know if you have been successful in making money online through our blog, we would love to hear from you and wish you the best of luck!

We have put together what we think are the best ways that you may be able to succeed in making money online for free! By doing this, you could soon be earning a second income. Some stories of people that have used this tips have even quit their jobs as they are making so much money online!

Some of these methods can be done from home, even from your sofa! Making money online from home has to be the best to make money online and can be achieved with very hard work, quality tent and a lot of traffic to your website (if that is one of the money making methods that you choose!) So lets get started, our top tips and ways that could make you money online are:

1. Blogging - There are many companies now that enable you to create your own blog for free and start Making Money online. Companies such as Blogger (we use them!) and WordPress are amongst the most popular. You need very minimal HTML knowledge to start blogging. So how do i make money by blogging i hear you say! The easiest way is to implement adverts onto your blog. We have a few ads on our blog on the right hand side and down the bottom.

Adsesnse is managed by Google and is automatically built in to Blogger, so for us to implement it took approximately 5 minutes! Every time you have a user or reader log onto your blog, they will cause an impression on your advert. If they then click on one of the ads that are on your blog, that will count as a click.

The money that you will be able to make from this is entirely down to the ads that you choose to show on your blog. To start seeing a good income on this, you need good quality traffic coming to your blog. We think that the best way to do this is to create and write good quality content that people will be interested in. We write informative reviews that we hope our readers will enjoy and come back for.

Once you have good traffic on your blog, you can then maybe offer paid advertising yourself for companies to advertise on your blog for fixed prices and periods of time.

2. Internet Domains - The internet is still a goldmine and there is very good money to be made in domain names. If you have the time, brainstorm some names that you think are worth having and purchase them. You will then be able to sell these domains on at a premium. Sites such as 123-REG sell domains relatively cheap now a days so if you get a good domain, there could be alot of money to be made from the sale of it! There are a lot of forums where you could advertise your domain name as well as auction sites such as eBay.

Get your thinking cap on and start thinking about whichdomain names you could purchase and make a ton of money on! A good domain name (.com,, .net, etc) is quite hard to find these days so some searching will be required! If you are serious about doing this, then keep an eye out for any pre-orders that websites give to you, even if they are in a different country. If at first they aren't valuable, they soon may be for a number of reasons. A large company may even approach you to buy the domain name if they are looking at a project that includes a name, etc that is in your domain name. This can be very little work but for a large reward.

3. Web Template Design - Web development is still very sought after. If you have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS, why not create some web templates and sell them? Submit the sites to sites that sell them and you can advertise to a broad range of webmasters at once! Some people don't have the time or patience to learn the skills required for web development so it seems a shame to put your to waste if you have them!

There are many e-books out there that are very helpful and get can you on the web development ladder very quickly. Please see some of the links throughout this site that offer a direct link to ebooks online. Patience is definitely required though if you are new to it!

4. Paid Surveys - There are many websites that offer you the chance to answer survey in exchange for credit. Once you reach a certain limit, they will pay you via bank transfer or cheque. They are normally interesting surveys and are relevant to the profile that you enter when registering for a new account with the provider. A good survey website is One Poll as they offer a good selection of surveys and good pricing structure.

They have also developed an iPhone app, so you can get paid on the move! To register for an account is FREE for most sites but it may take a while for your balance to grow to get paid. Normally, you are paid when you reach a milestone such as35 or $50. But still, it is essentially free money online from home for just a few minutes each day! It is certainly a nice feeling when you reach the milestone and you receive the money in your bank account, suddenly the few minutes each day were definitely worth it!

5. Start Your Own Country - heard correct, we were shocked as well! You can start your own country and apply to sell domain names. Please see our no. 2 for more information on domain names. If granted you could be selling millions of domain names! We haven't looked into this a great deal but it seems a very interesting ways to make money and having your own country! Sitting at home, making money online and owning your own country can't be that bad can it?!

6. Do Something Silly! - This one requires a lot of thinking but can really pay off and earn you good money if it is successful. The best example of this has to be the Million Dollar Homepage project. Sometimes the most simple things are winners and can make you bundles of money from home! Get thinking about the next big thing, you can do it! The amount of press and attention that something so silly can get you can be huge. This will certainly help you achieve a large very large amount of traffic to your website and will earn revenue for you.

7. Write An E-Book - Writing an ebook is a great way to make money online from home. It is very easy to make an ebook and if you market it right, you could easily shift a few thousand! Using affiliates through affiliate marketing, you wouldn't even have to do anything, your affiliates would sell the book and take a commission from the sales for you.

Affiliates also increase the number of people that will see you e-book, increasing your e-books exposure! Not sure of an ebook topic? You could do anything that you have knowledge of.....there are even ebooks out there, showing people how to write ebooks! This is an exciting way to make money online and we think that with enough hard work, it could work!

8. Enter Competitions - Competitions are happening all the time and if you do enough, you are bound to win at least one (you would hope!) which will give you a prize. If get a prize that you like, brilliant, enjoy it, if not there is a chance that you may be able to sell it on to a family member/friend or even put it up for sale on the internet on any of the popular sites such as Craigslist, eBay, etc!con

9. Play Poker Online - Only read this one if you are good at poker! Lots of people that are very good at poker make a good living and earn lots of money online from playing poker at home! It is risky and you have to be very confident and patient but if you are good enough you will earn money. There is one negative though which we must warn you about, you could also lose money.......its risky!

10. Sell Photographs Online - If you live in the middle of the city or have been on a very nice holiday recently, taken lots of photographs, then you may be able to earn lots of money online, right from home by selling your photos online. Site such as iStockPhoto and Getty Images allow users to post their photos online and set a price for everyone else to purchase them. If your photo sells, you will then receive your money.

Photos can be sold more than once so you could earn lots of money. Graphic designers also post their work onto these sites as other designers may use their icons, etc on upcoming projects that they have. This can be very beneficial and financially rewarding if you have the right photographs and market them well! If you do, get them added and sit back and wait for the money to roll in!

11. Affiliate Marketing - We think that one of the best ways to make money is through affiliate marketing. It isn't a get rich quick scheme, it takes a lot of hard work, great content, the right adverts, etc, but once it works, it's fantastic. Please visit our Affiliate Marketing page to read our story and some tips and tricks. If you wish to get started with affiliate marketing and start earning money online today via commission based sales through your website, please visit Affiliate Future to get started.

12. Paid Reviews - Getting paid to review products online is one of my favorite ways to earn money online, especially if i am passionate about the type of product. Think of how many products there are out there to be reviewed, thats alot of money to be made! A simple search on a search engine should bring up a list of websites that pay you to review products online. A great site for reviewing product is CIAO.

13. Data-Entry Clerk - A data entry clerk can pay good money but can be quite boring after a while but if you are prepared to enter data online. It can be done from home which is a bonus for the people looking to make money online from their own homes. The most frustrating part of this will be finding a data-entry clerk job that is valid and legitimate.

14. Selling on eBay - A good way to make money online can be through eBay. One method that is proven is to find a wholesaler on eBay and sell that product on eBay for an inflated cost. This way you won't even have to see the product, just earn cash on it!

Those are just a few ways but we feel that these are the best ways to make money online. If you feel that we have missed a key option, please contact us and if we feel the same, we will add it and of course, credit you!

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this, we will be adding more and more ways to make money on the internet when we can so remember to keep checking back at all times!

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