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Business Builders training that will teach A Simple Way to Start and Grow Your Business Online. Work from Home or Grow your current business, create a new business, develop a business plan, develop an idea, launch a product or offer a service. Business Builders offers complete solutions in the new social marketing era. We provide the resource that help develop and insure small business owners and entrepreneurs will do extremely well, when doing business on or offline.


Live web call includes Group video calling with face-to-face communications.Live web Call makes communications better helping you communicate and develop more relationships with with friend family, business partners, customers and clients local and around the world. The advantages of live video calling will allow you to demonstrate products,show your customers just what your product is about.You can share new your ideas,training and coaching ,Share information face-to-face. 

Let's talk about it

Simple Business Training 

I dislike form over function in a supposedly functional site so personally I just walked away. Skype ( answers a lot of these issues without paying a penny.

This is a pity as it's a great VoIP (Voice over IP alias internet telephony) option with good quality sound, a paid option on making calls to traditional telephone numbers and even, for the truly paranoid, a lie detector add-on in the form of a voice stress analyzer.

The problem with this option is that the Skype client is a 22 Megabyte download so really this option is accessible to broadband users only or dial up users with a boatload of patience.

For the record, I looked into this broadband versus dial up issue recently in an article called "Does size matter?" (Catch it on my website :-) ) With USA broadband penetration at 80% plus, it matters some. In the UK we are still talking about 40% so yes, the file size matters - and in a big way too.

Google Talk offers a no download chat option that anyone with a free Google account can use - you log in with your Gmail address - which is all good fun if you have one. It does not show on-line status though, but it does allow you to send an invitation to chat to any e-mail account, generating an email to that account with full details of how to use the talk system and a couple of useful links to get you started, including how to get a Gmail address.

For a "thin" chat client, this is my recommended option. No - it is not perfect. But so far I am calling it the best of the non-broadband bunch.

Which do you go for? Ask your on-line audience, ideally. Look at broadband penetration where they live. Unless its 100%,which it is VERY unlikely to be, ask if your chosen audience are "withs" or "withouts" rather than just looking at the percentages. Even with US penetration at 80%, God forbid the bulk of your market is in the 20%.

If you are running a computer gaming site I would expect your corner of the market to be pretty well equipped. Supposing you are offering accommodation in a five star hotel or a three star hotel. I guess five star clients have more cash...but are they more techy? Would they be obliged to go broadband or would they stay dial-up despite the fact that they can clearly afford it? Three star clients are presumably less well off but might that be younger and so more net aware?

Even if the surfer chooses not to use the communications software, the simple act of making yourself available gives you an on-line persona that is open, friendly and approachable. This, in itself, is something worth communicating.

About the Author Englesos is a Web and Graphic Designer working out of the Famagusta area of Cyprus. See more of his work on

Let's talk about it by Englesos on the Webin Internet (submitt

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