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eCommerce income solutions and Merchant Solutions Available in the Market Today

In a highly competitive business market, taking advantage of all available tools to help a business thrive is essential. Choosing the right merchant solutions is critical for a business' success. Today, merchants require flexible, economical, and customer-friendly point-of-sale (POS) solutions. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of merchant solutions available in the market today.

Whether you are an online retailer, a traditional 'brick and mortar business', or both, there are POS solutions that offer speed, reliability, upgrades, inventory management, and the ability to implement additional products such as pre-paid phone cards, gift cards and loyalty programs, check guarantee programs, ATM programs, remote deposit services, real - time reporting, and much more.

Merchant solutions available in the market today include:

Online Merchant Software: There is Internet technology available that allows an online business to provide secure online transactions with a variety of software to process credit card payments, gift cards, electronic discounts cards and coupons, and much more.

A virtual terminal allows customers to enter their credit card information quickly and easily. The simplest forms of virtual terminals are screens that include four or five input fields like the name, address and credit card number. These terminals are most regularly used for businesses taking orders over the phone.

The merchant's payment gateway will help the merchant with collecting credit card information and authorizing payments. Payment gateways are the links between the business site and the credit card company.

All online merchant services and online stores use some form of a virtual terminal because most of these terminals are incorporated into the payment gateway. The virtual terminal also gives the business owner access to many reports such as payments received, the ability to issue refunds, the ability to bill customers (create invoices), and check the status of pending transactions.

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MOBILE eCommerce Solutions Online

PIN Pads: These devices allow a merchant to accept PIN-entered debit transactions. They can be used for a point-of-sale terminal or electronic cash registers. There are devices available to enter a PIN or swipe the card.

Credit Card Terminals: These terminals can be basic terminals and advance up to touch screen terminals. The terminals can support a variety of features such as different types of credit cards, PIN and signature debit, and accepting electronic checks, gift cards-etc.

(Wireless) Mobile Terminals: These terminals do not require phone lines or electrical cords. Payments are convenient, easy, quick, and reliable. They are designed for "pay on the go" transactions. A merchant can run a business at a variety of places such as a Trade Fair.

Check Readers: Merchants use this equipment to accept electronic check payments. Merchants can also acquire a check verification service with their check reader system. This speeds up the transaction process and reduces instances of fraud.

Contact less Payment Readers: Customers can make PIN-based payments or swipe their card for contact less payments.

Whether you want a full service point-of-sale (POS) terminal, an online merchant account, or a basic credit card and bank card PAD, there are devices available on the market to meet any business need. Technological improvements have made these systems safer, easier to use, and provide better time management associated with sales and inventory tracking. The result will be increased customer satisfaction, better business management, and an increase in sales. Every business will benefit from technologically advanced merchant solutions. About the Author by Amy E Nutt in Business (submitted 2009-09-12)

Online payment processing company offers merchant account online statements and reports. With value added merchant services, we provide 24/7 access to daily card transaction data and monthly consolidated statements to better manage your internal information requirements. 

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