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So what is the best lead generation company out there on the internet? Which one will actually sell you leads that will get your business up and running and exploding?Well, none of them.You see, many network marketers spend three-quarters of their time searching for the "Holy Grail" of the MLM world. They're looking for some system that will basically do everything for them.

We hear these stories about a new program that signs up 100 people in three days, or can turn you into a millionaire in 2 weeks. The part that we don't hear is that these people designed the system to work specifically for them, or they already have a list of 100,000.

Frankly, too many marketers spend their time searching for a unicorn that doesn't exist. What they don't realize is that there simply isn't a replacement for good ol' fashioned hard work!

Many network marketers believe this "holy grail" can be buying leads. We hear so often about how important it is to generate leads for our business, so why not just buy them, right?

The problem is, these leads have no idea who you are. They've never heard of your MLM… why would they be interested in you if they've never heard of you?

There are very, very few marketers who have the skills to be able to work with cold, bought leads. These are marketers that have been around the block, and could sell a lighter to the devil himself!

Since most of us don't have these skills, we have to find a different way to run our MLM business.

Essentially, the best lead generation company for your business is… YOU!

People want to work with people, not companies or programs. If you want to generate leads for your business, don't go to the third-party "Best Lead Generation Company Ever" because they'll just sell you already-used leads at a very high price.

Basically, attracting prospects to you is the best lead generation company out there. Market with the mindset of providing value and training to your potential prospect, and they'll come to you.

If you focus on marketing this way, then prospects will find you. Not only will you have more people to work with, but they'll already know who you are and want to work with you! They'll call you asking to join your business.

Hope this helps you understand what really is the best lead generation company! The Best Lead Generation Company For Your MLM by Erin Smith in Business / MLM (submitted 2010-12-14) About the Author Erin wrote this article about the Best Lead Generation Company to help the internet marketer know where to generate leads for the long term. Erin has helped hundreds of people generate leads for their business. If you want to learn how to generate 30+ leads a day for free, visit Erin Smith's MLM Secrets.

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