The new business provides a solution for companies and individuals that require innovative and professionally designed websites at a competitive price including unlimited web hosting, support, domain name, etc...

Website Temple

WEBSITE TEMPLE is an online portal that offers websites combined with a specially designed Content Management System (CMS) for ease of website management to consumers at a low cost. The venture marries the high-end, custom web development along with

the ever-growing need in the marketplace for fast and simple web solutions.

WEBSITE TEMPLE differs from its competitors: superb quality combined with all-inclusive services at affordable prices. Months of development went into the design and structure of the underlying Content Management Systems (CMS), ensuring that all available website designs remain high-end and flexible, yet easily customizable.

Website Temple

Modifying one's website content is made as easy as using Microsoft word, no web programming knowledge is required at all. Artists can present their work in online galleries through WEBSITE TEMPLE. Companies can sell their products through e-commerce portals with WEBSITE TEMPLE. Lawyers, bloggers, accountants, and designers alike... Any individual from the vast multitude of careers and interests can quickly acquire a professional web presence through WEBSITE TEMPLE.

How It Works:

STEP 1 - CHOOSE YOUR WEBSITE. The consumer browses the library of website designs available, choosing both the back-end CMS that they're most comfortable with and the design skin that best suits their aims.

STEP 2 - SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL. Upon finding the perfect site, the consumer can sign up for a free trial to test the options their particular choice offers. This is where the inexperienced web user gets to see if they're comfortable with the system, and where the more experienced web user really puts the site to work.

STEP 3 - WEBSITE TEMPLE SETS EVERYTHING UP FOR YOU. Once the consumer has made their decision to go live, WEBSITE TEMPLE sets everything up.Website Temple

STEP 4 - EDIT YOUR CONTENT. The consumer has paid for their site, customized the look, and now it's live -- all within the space of a few minutes. The rest is theirs to create, edit, update, and more.

Webmaster's Earn Money Here!

WEBSITE TEMPLE could be considered a response to the current economic recession, where every facet of business, including one's web presence, must be looked at with an eye towards getting the most by spending the least. This is of particular importance to small and medium sized com

panies that lack the resources to hire their own web developers, or small start-ups that require a modest website on short notice. WEBSITE TEMPLE fulfills that need and ensures that businesses can continue to grow.Launch of WEBSITE TEMPLE by Noam Design

in Web Design / Site Usability (submitted 2009-07-13)

For more information regarding WEBSITE TEMPLE contact:

1-800-615-5962 email:

About the Author

NYC-based web design company WEBSITE TEMPLE. ( is proud to announce its launch

Noam Design is a premier Website Design agency based in New York City

All templates, including HTML templates, flash templates, and full flash sites, have a high quality design. They are also very easy to edit, which makes them perfect for professional business sites. In the members area you can find all the help you may need about editing, including guides with step-by-step instructions.

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