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Natural Arthritis Pain Relief - Can Arthritis Be Cured Naturally?   by Bernice Eker in Health    (submitted 2009-04-28)

In treating your arthritis it is important to consult with your doctor regarding the best possible ways to help your condition. Medication, injections and surgery should be thoroughly considered before taking any of them. But if for whatever reason, you opt not to go for medication and the possible surgery, there are ways for natural arthritis pain relief.

Familiarity and knowledge of your own type of arthritis are necessary to successfully move towards a pain-free life. There are books that outline various natural treatments of arthritis, from the ancient practices, lifestyle change and diet, simple exercises to the more recent dietary supplements.

At the onset of your arthritic condition, a diagnosis is necessary to choose the acupuncture points that must be manipulated if you should choose acupuncture to relieve arthritis pain. Severe cases will take multiple treatment sessions while a five to thirty-minute session could relieve the symptoms initially felt in the early stages of any arthritic condition.

One unusual natural arthritis pain relief is the use of bee or snake venom. Care should be taken in considering this type of pain relief treatment because there have been no scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. This might just prove to be dangerous in cases where there is a high risk of allergic reactions which in most cases is fatal.

The most obvious natural arthritis pain relief is weight control. For any patient, losing those extra pounds could help ease the pressure put in your joints which lessens the friction between the bones that causes pain. Many people may not be aware of just how beneficial this method is but it is the simplest there is.

Proper diet which contributes to a weight-loss program among arthritis patients should also be properly considered because there are certain food chemicals which is helpful for one and may be aggravating for the other. It is important what type of arthritis you have for you to eat the proper food. But generally, natural arthritis pain relief through food is easy to do. Dairy products like milk and cheese should be low in fat to help minimize inflammation. A lean cut of meat also works in the same way.

Dietary supplements are the best known natural arthritis pain relief agents because they have no side-effects and at the same time replenish the lost fluid in the cartilage that promote the improvement of the joint's ability to absorb shock and thereby reduce pain. Chemicals that are common in dietary supplements are chrondroitin, glucosamine, glutamic acid, glutamine, glutoronic acid, glycine and praline. These natural chemicals are effective in drawing fluid back to the cartilage to restore the joint's mobility. Healthier dietary supplements should be free of sugar, salt, shellfish and gluten.

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