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By now you should have made at least a few sales from your viral promotion. If not, go back and keep at it until you do.

Remember, we're paying you the MAXIMUM that Clickbank will allow vendors to pay affiliates, which is $150. That means only 4 sales will make you $600!

And that doesn't include the recurring upsells we have in place to allow you to make money every month, on autopilot, for the lifetime of each upsell customer!

Once you have made a few sales from following our Viral Promotion video in the previous step, let's now move on to Step 4, which is Public Promotion.

This is where you use your local surrounding areas to generate thousands of dollars with public promotion! Yes, we said THOUSANDS of dollars!

You see, when promoting promoting products on the internet, the competition is thick and fierce.

When you begin promoting offline in your local communities, there is no competition.

If you take a few hours each week and apply some of the methods you just learned in this video, you can make more money promoting Domain Flipping by the Millionaire Society than you would working at most full-time jobs!

Here are the direct links to the resources discussed in the above video that you can use to jumpstart your public promotion.

Vista Print - The fastest and most reliable source for affordable public promotion material.

Realistic Dropcards - The easiest and most affordable solution for realistic money dropcards.

If you were to focus 100% on just Viral and Public Promotion, you could easily drive a minimum of 10 sales per week, which is $1,500 every week BEFORE the recurring upsells!

That's $6,000/month and $72,000/year just by following these two simple methods!

This concludes Step 4 of your Elite Affiliate Training for Domain Flipping by the Millionaire Society!

Proceed to Step 5 when you're ready

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Domain flipping is simply the process of buying domain names

Domain flipping is simply the process of buying domain names at a low price and selling it later at a higher price after increasing its value.

There are many ways you can increase its value. You need to make it by known by so many people, the more traffic your domain name has the more important it will become.

To make good money from domain flipping, it must be short and keyword related, that is a name that is relevant, also it must be short and memorable, so that people will want to buy it since their visitors can always come back to it easily, if it is short and memorable it can not be forgotten.

To make money from flipping domains, first you should get registrar account. I highly recommend Go Daddy because they are easy, cheap, and reliable.

After buying your domain name you should now drive traffic to it, you can buy a one for eight dollars and then drive traffic to it, then the next day you can list it for sale, most times if you have a good domain, you will be able to sell if for a minimum of $100 after 24 hours of listing it.

Something else you may be interested in is Domain parking. This is simply a process of monetizing your domain name with advertisements, there are so many parking sites, some of them can only accept you if you have a certain number of names, but the best is to leverage Afternic.

All you need do is buy a good domain name that is related to the niche you are targeting and then re-direct it to the parking company name server. after this you can now add your advertisements to your domain name. Some parking company are better that others because you can use them to park your domain name and it will look like a website.

After buying these names, you want to flip or parking them, you will need to increase the value so it can sell well. You can create blogs and include your domain names in your content, by referring your visitors to them for more information. Also you will be requested to provide some keywords when parking them or use the default keywords, do a research on high paying keywords and use them.

If you really want to make good money this business you should have more than 20 parked domain names. To get more visits you can use email marketing, auto responders and search engine submissions.

If you would like to learn how to build a six figure a year business with Domain Flipping, simply go to

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You could earn a Six figure a year business with Domain Flipping

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