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C T P M a 4 step Business Building Process

Let's review C T P M,

the proven way to build any ebusiness online.

A real web based business

"This process has more than doubled my traffic and 10x'd the size of my site."

Brenda Rowe, Ghost sand


Web users search for information, for solutions. They are not looking for you - they don't know you (yet!). They seek what you know. Give it to them. Convert your knowledge into in-demand Content. To succeed online, start where they start - at "the search."


Your topical content ranks high at the Search Engines (ex., Google, Yahoo! MSN), attracting free, targeted (i.e., interested), open-to-you visitors. Basically, these future customers "meet you" at your site. These visitors are known as "Traffic." How well does SBI! drive "T"? Top 3% SHOW


Your topical content ranks high at the Search Engines (ex., Google, Yahoo! MSN), attracting free, targeted (i.e., interested), open-to-you visitors. Basically, these future customers "meet you" at your site. These visitors are known as "Traffic." How well does SBI! drive "T"? Top 3%

Top 1-3% Traffic Building Results 1,000 randomly selected Site Build It! ("SBI!") sites were recently studied. At the time, there were over 56 million sites on the Web (the total number of sites is now already over 100 million!).

All statistics are according to, a leading Net demographic firm, and according to, the leading traffic-measurement company. Netcraft tracks the Web hosting industry. Alexa is owned by and is powered by Microsoft Windows Live -- it measures traffic-popularity based on 10 million surfers.

Summary of Results 35% of SBI! sites ranked in the top 1% of all sites (i.e., higher than 99% of all sites on the Web). 53% were in the top 2%. 62% scored in the top 3%.

Online eBusinesse-eCommerce Tools

Each time this study is conducted, SBI! owners perform better and better. They rank higher against other sites despite the increased "competition" from far more Web sites. Today, the "Top 1%" requires a ranking of better than 1,000,000. A greater percentage than ever of SBI! sites make it into the Top 1%.

As the years go by, as the Web becomes more and more competitive, as the number of sites grows (now over 100 million!), the natural and powerful process-and-tools of SBI! gets stronger.


Complete strangers develop trust and confidence in you. Why? You "PREsell" by OVERdelivering what they seek... relevant, original, information.

Deliver it in your own voice, in your own way. Go beyond merely instilling confidence... your visitors will like you. (Immediate "selling" on Web sites is ineffective unless you have a brand like Amazon.)

Hilarious Video By SBI! Owner (more) "The Origin Of Webmaster"


Convert warm, willing-to-buy ("PREsold") visitors into income. Called "Monetizing," this is the easy part. But "M" cannot happen if you fail to first execute C T P. This is where 99% of small businesses fail.

C T P is the motor that drives "M." SBI! delivers the motor, and the Monetization.

Once you have your own PREsold traffic, you are in control. Blend in multiple streams of revenue, not just one. Diversify to maximize income, growth and stability. SHOW

Once you have your own PREsold traffic, you are in control. Blend in multiple streams of revenue, not just one. Diversify to maximize income, growth and stability.

Online eBusinesse-eCommerce Tools

Start With A Primary Monetization Model

Then Diversify: Add New Income Streams C T P M

Content builds Traffic, which is PREsold

as you build your "brand of one." Then, and only then, are you ready to Monetize.

SBI! and you deliver the hard part... PREsold traffic.

Monetization is the easy part -- it flows from a site with PREsold traffic the way electricity flows from a river through a dam.

And do not limit yourself. Too many small businesses start out thinking that they "want to be an affiliate," or sell hard goods through an "online store." Yes...

Do have a primary monetization model in mind -- but plan to diversify into multiple streams of revenue to maximize income, growth and stability. Take full advantage of the PREsold traffic you will develop with SBI!.

Here are just some of your Monetization options...


Now you can publish what you know and love... and monetize it. Together with a blend of affiliate programs and referral deals, AdSense anchors the generation of extra thousands of dollars per month to your online, niche-oriented SBI! business. No products, no customers, lots to time for other things.

     Work-From-Home Business

Thinking about starting a work-from-home business? Run a genuine business, your business, from home, full- or part-time. No "biz opp" here -- this is real.

Service Businesses

Offer a service related to your niche. Build a client base, whether clients are local (ex., magician for house parties) or global (ex., JAVA programmer). (Or start a completely new service business.)

e-goods Creators/Sellers

Are you a programmer (or hire one!) with an idea for a needed niche-filling software? Or perhaps you have an idea for an e-book? Maybe a photographer with collections of e-photos (the e-photo sales market will boom!). Anything can be digitized nowadays -- sell it.

Hard Goods Creators/Sellers

Are you a small business or a craftsman that creates/manufactures/retails your own hard goods (i.e., products that you can actually touch and that you ship -- non-digital products)? Put your own store and sell direct, without Yahoo! Stores, eBay, etc... or with. No products of your own -- you can still add a wonderful store, sourced from thousands of manufacturers that drop-ship for you (no need for you to hold inventory, nor pick-pack-and-ship)

Sales and Rental Agents/Reps/Distributors

It's your traffic -- sell or rent what you want, how you want. Do you represent great products, either for sale (from medical equipment to ice cream makers) and/or rent (from apartments to heavy equipment)? See how SBI! can boost your sales by millions (literally).


Add hundreds-to-thousands of dollars per month to your diversified monetization plan, without having a product of your own -- no warehousing, packaging, shipping, etc. And if you do sell a product of your own, simply choose merchants that complement your product line.

Referrers/Finders Another great "add-on" monetizer.

This model is as classic as business itself... get paid a referrer or finder's fee by an offline business for finding a customer (or a "lead") for it. The Net, though, makes it far more cost-effective.

Existing Online eBusinesses/eCommerce Sites Already have an existing online business or e-commerce sites? Do you need an ongoing stream of free, targeted traffic... motivated, interested buyers? Use SBI! as a traffic-funnel, for a tiny fraction of the cost of your primary site.

Network Marketers/Multi-Level Marketers

Forget those spammy online lead-generators. Imagine if you could build your own unique site that attracted and PREsold warm leads to call YOU all day long? No more "you chasing them." That is exactly what you and SBI! can achieve together.

Net Auction Sellers

Put eBay to work for you, instead of vice-versa. Use them as a supplemental source of income to auction a product that relates to your theme. Especially useful for local businesses or vendors that sell hard goods, and even for service-sellers. And obviously, for those who want to start an online auction business.

Local Offline Businesses

( If you own an offline business with local clientele, a Web site is a must. Use it to grow your business locally and, in many cases, to extend your market globally (yes, you!)

Web Professionals

Your design work is sharp and creative. Your clients like your sites. But they ask... "So how do I get traffic?" It's time to convert your satisfied clients into raving fans, while simultaneously boosting productivity by 1000%.

Bottom Line? Start at the beginning... CONTENT.

Do not start at the end... MONETIZATION.

So many people spend time and energy setting up a shopping cart and a merchant account or some other way of "collecting the money." That's putting the (shopping) cart before the e-horse of PREsold traffic.

MONETIZATION comes last... it's the final result of doing everything else (C T P) correctly.

The easiest part of any small business site is mixing-and-matching the most appropriate blend of Monetization models into your traffic-generating site.

The key is to eliminate "offline thinking." Recognize the fundamental reality of how people use the Web. Online, people look for Content.

Start there. Deliver Content, which builds Traffic, which is PREsold. Then and only then, are you ready to Monetize.

IMPORTANT Most small businesses think of themselves as "being" only one monetization model... they sell hard goods (or e-goods) or they display Google AdSense ads or they offer professional services or they are affiliates, or-or-or. Instead, think "and-and-and."

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