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Here Are Some More "Do Nots"...

What is Business Networking, or network marketing ? network marketing it is a system of marketing that work with independent representatives to reach a possible customers that a company otherwise would not reach with conventional online or offline marketing methods. Business Networking

A networking marketing website should not have duplicating pages already provided by your company. This is the kiss of death. Adapt some of the content, if you like. But don't use it verbatim.

Do not even mention the company you represent or the products that you will try to sell... do this later, once the person contacts you. Two reasons to delay...

1) It's too soon -- blatantly selling "MLM" products or recruiting your downline in an aggressive fashion does not work on Net,with Business Networking and it won't work with SBI! either, even with all that traffic. It's just too soon to go for the sale.

2) You'll stay out of trouble with both your company and the government. Your company must Business Networkinglive by all sorts of government regulations and can't allow you to make all sorts of claims. And the government won't allow you to do the same. So don't.

What do you do instead? What do you do once you have someone on your site, reading your content, building some trust and interest in you?

Be patient. Build a pipeline...

1) Encourage folks to call or e-mail you if they have any questions. You'd be glad to answer them.

2) Naturally, build trust through the publication of a high quality newsletter. And again, in your newsletter, invite them to call or e-mail if they have questions.

The daughter of's president, Nori, gets 4-5 e-mails per day to her site... and she and her dad do not encourage contact! Visitors have all kinds of questions (most popular ones involve "good cheap villas, hotels, and/or restaurants").

This is already happening even though Nori has not had the time to build a ton of content at her site, And that's just Nori. So many SBI! sites generate amazing traffic. And you, as a Network Marketer, have a far simpler job. Don't sell. Just PREsell and make your "Most Wanted Response" very simple...

Building .. Your Business Online, Networking with others

Here Are Some More "Do Nots"...

Imagine what you could do if you built just one page per day? In 2-3 months, you'd have at least 5 real, warm leads contacting you.

These are not those cheesy "leads" sold by a lead-selling company. These are real human beings who appreciate your content, who like you, and who want to know more. From there, you'd go to 10, 20, leads... every day...

.... real people, very interested in what you are saying. What more could any Network Marketer want? Remember, Network Marketing has a bad image that you must overcome.

So a Web site is just too early, too cold, to overcome that bias. You must convert the cold, digital contact of a Web site to a warmer one... e-mail or even better, phone.

Convert an online contact into a warmer one. Slowly and gently, use your company's training to introduce your visitors to the products (and/or the opportunity, depending on your goals), as they come to trust and know you.

We know we're wasting our time here, with the get-rick-quick folk, of whom we hope there is no one reading this. This approach will work, but like anything in business, it takes some work -- but once the pipeline starts to pour, it will be a steady producer for you. And your "diamond" upline will start to wonder what's happening to you.

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